Who We Help

As specialists in the fields of home construction, medical products and supplies, accessibility, universal design and aging in place, we offer home modification solutions to home owners, builders, remodelers and home medical providers.

Our goal is to make your existing or new home safer, more accessible and more livable, whether you…

are experiencing a short or long-term disability, such as an accident or surgery.

The unexpected can happen. When it does, we’ll help you modify your home with changes that can be reversed when no longer needed.

have visiting friends or family who require an adapted home environment, such as an aging parent or a friend with limited mobility.

Simple changes can make a big difference to help our friends and family with mobility issues feel welcome, safe & comfortable.

plan to age in place, living in the home you love safely, comfortably and independently as long as possible, regardless of age, income or ability level

As you grow older, you shouldn’t have to give up your independence. You’ll be amazed at the many ways we can help you remain at home for years to come.

simply want to make your home a more comfortable, safe and enjoyable place to be. Plus, updates are the perfect time to pre-plan for aging and unexpected changes.

From better lighting to non-slip floors and pull-out shelving, you’ll find we have solutions that make sense for every person and every home.

It all adds up to a better, more comfortable life for you and those you care about. We look forward to learning more about your needs to help you live better now and in the future. Connect with us today!