Stair Modifications for Safety

image showing rebuilt stairs

Homes built with two stories or even those with steps that lead up to a porch on a single-story home, present a significant issue for people with disabilities or whose aging presents a safety concern in reaching their living space.

At Home Modification Solutions, we understand that stairs can present safety and accessibility problems. We work to rebuild stairs whenever possible, allowing you to stay in your home. This type of remodeling is dependent on your home’s floor-plan, so we’re happy to provide a no-cost consultation to take measurements and give you an estimate.

image showing stairs and ramp

Rebuilding stairs for elders or those with disabilities usually means a lower riser and wider tread. Home Modification Solutions builds safe, stairs and stairwells for ease of use by those with or without mobility issues. For exterior access, we can also recommend if it would be best to build a ramp to access your home.

Contact us to review your home in the greater Albuquerque and Santa Fe area. Our home modifications are designed for barrier free access to age in place in the home you love and provide a warranty for peace of mind.