Kitchen Remodels

For adults who use a wheelchair or walker, or have other mobility concerns, a kitchen can be a frustrating room to navigate. Accessibility to the sink, dishwasher, pantry and upper cabinets can make aging in place in your home difficult. If an injury or illness has caused mobility impairments, even getting a glass from a cabinet can threaten your ability to live independently.

At Home Modifications Solutions in Albuquerque, our goal is to eliminate any accessibility limitations in the kitchen. We design and install sinks and lower cabinets to allow access, install pull-out or pull-down shelving, round counter-top edges, install lower-depth sinks or more accessible kitchen faucets, and much more. If access into the room is a concern, we can also widen door openings from the garage or your main living area.

Home Modification Solutions is experienced in evaluating your kitchen and making recommendations for barrier-free design. Contact us to schedule a no-cost at-home evaluation and estimate across the Albuquerque and Santa Fe metro area as well as all of New Mexico; we’re also happy to help with answers on financing a kitchen renovation for aging in place .

image of a senior couple cooking
image of a man in a wheelchair helping his wife cook